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Business Partner in ECC and S/4 Landscape

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Hi Community,

a few weeks ago I posted a similar question under "business partner in a "mixed" landscape", but without receiving any answer. In the meantime I came a bit further in my investigations, and would like to "reduce" my conceptual problem as follows:

* Landscape: ECC 6.0, S/4 1709 (Greenfield)

* on S/4 do only finance applications run; ECC-based finance postings will be transfered to S/4

Since the BP concept is mandatory in S/4, we need to do an inital/later a delta load of customers/vendors from ECC to S/4. But due to S/4 greenfield we can´t use the conversion routines ECC->S/4, but need some other form of distribution and automated BP creation/maintenance in S/4. What is the appropriate model in this case? Can CVI be used for data quality checks in ECC? Then CREMAS, DEBMAS to S/4? Every proven idea is appreciated...

Kind regards,


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