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Business Catalog for SSCUI Activity

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I just would like to know which business catalog is necessary for Define Plant App in Business Process Configuration in SAP CBC. Where can I look up the required business catalog for missing authorization?


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Dear Customer,


In the Project Experience, after searching for the Configuration activity you can see the ID number for this activity.

Having the ID number, you can find what catalog is needed for each configuration after downloading the Excel file Configuration apps from the Best Practices Explorer accelerators:

*Please login to the Best Practices Explorer for being able to see all the accelerators.
After you search on IMG_Act BusinessCatalog Match sheet with the numeric ID of the configuration activity the business catalog will be displayed.
I have checked and the Business Catalog related to Define Plant activity is SAP_CA_BC_IC_LND_MM_IM0_PC.
You can check the SAP Note 3238660 - CBC- How to find the business catalog to access a SSCUI (Configuration Activity) and avoid... for screenshots and step by step in case you still have any doubts regarding the process to find the Business Catalog.
Kind regards.