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Business Area in 2nd line item.

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I am posting following document,

F-02 :-

Posting Key 40 :- Balance Sheet account.

Posting Key 31 :- Vendor Account.

When I am posting at debit side, am adding the business area, and when I am posting on credit side I am not adding business area, but when I save it I see business area getting populated on both line item. Which I correct.

How does the system is identify the 2nd line item business area. Any clu ? it can help me to trouble shoot this issue.



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Answers (2)

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As per my knowledge, you activated document splitting concept in your system.

If the document spiltting activated, while posting any entry, based on the characteristics specified in the configuration the offsetting entry automatically filled.

check the configuration in the below path :

spro->financial accounting->general ledger accounting->document splitting-> document characteristics for financial accounting.

Here you may have maintained the business area. Because of this configuration, the system automatically fill the offsetting account.

Once check the document splitting concept in



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Dear Markeskhon,

BS are assigned to a single business area in their master record. Every posting to an asset

balance sheet account is automatically posted to that business area. The business area for an

asset is passed on to all line items connected with the asset. Therefore you do not need to make

a manual account assignment for a business area at any point.


Sridhar S

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Where do you found, am talking about business area ???

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Sorry my bad, taking about Asset.

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I am facing same problem, we have not activated the Document spllitting.