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Budget Scenarios - Actual Value

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Good Morning,

When I setup values in the budget scenarios for expense or cost accounts I have incorrect values in the "Actual" column. The system doesn't update the real (actual) values correctly. I'm with SAP B1 2007 PL42.

The problem is that, when I choose "yes" when the system displays following message: "Account XXXXX has transactions in the systems. Do you want to restore the account's accumulators?", the system does not update correctly the current G/L accounts bookkeeping balance to the Actual column...

Do you know the reason or what can I do to solve this?

Thank you.

Susana Cunha

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To get the Actual Column corrected, the whole row has to be deleted of the G/L Account with the wrong Budget and then the Budget has to be determined again for this G/L Account. This way after pressing the yes or yes to all at pop-up window questions;

'Transactions found in the system for account XXX. Would you like to restore accumulators for this account?'

Also please check the following

Please check out the document on the Knowledge Base which covers your

question. Go to: ->

Select 2004 and -> How-To Guides 2004 A & 2004.2 B ->

Budget in Release 2004 A

The section titled 'Defining Budget after the Commencement of

Activity' (page 12 of 18) explains the message "Restore Account

Accumulator". I have copied the section below:

Defining Budget after the Commencement of Activity:

You can define a budget for accounts against which operations have been


These operations are: bookkeeping operations, as well as open purchase

orders and open purchase delivery notes.

After entering an amount, and clicking Update, the following message is

displayed: "Transactions found in the system for account XXX. Would you

like to restore accumulators for this account?

-Selecting "Yes" or "Yes to All" restores the accumulator for the

afore-mentioned account on the basis of the transactions and open

documents found in the system. The result is inserted in the Actual and

Future columns.

-Selecting "No" or "No to All" leaves the Actual and Future columns


If you select "No" or "No to all", transactions created after the budget

was defined will also not appear in the columns representing the

balances. However, the budget reports will always show the cumulative

balance since the beginning of the year.



SAP Business One Forums Team

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Hi Vikas,

Thank you for your answer. I have deleted the G/L Account with the wrong budget and setup the budget again and it works.

Thank you.


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