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Budget Exceeding Error

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I've a WBS Element, where in(T code CJ33) the Released Budget value is Rs.5425000 where as the assigned Budget Value is more & i.e Rs.5428078. While creating a Purchase Requisition (Value of Rs.5000), I'm getting an error that Budget exceeded by Rs.3078 ( Rs. 3078 assigned as more + Rs.50000 of PR value=Rs.8078).

How to correct the error & solve the issue.

Next Query is If Release value is Rs.25000 then how it will allow to assign more value than Released value.

Wherras in report CJEO, it is different values for assigned & available values.

Can you please suggest how to overcome this issue. For your reference, please find the attachment.

Thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Dear Sameer,

As far as I see it, your budget is already exceeded by 3078. In this case it is correct that the system does not allow to post any further PR.

If you have the feeling that the assigned value is showing an incorrect figure you might want to run CJBN to reconstruct it.

If the assigned value is already correct, then the only option is to release more

budget or post some supplement.

The values displayed in CJE0 reports and CJ30 do not necessarily have to match. I suggest you to review note 178837 with regards to <i>active</i> and <i>passive</i> assigned value.

Hope this helps!



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Here are the reply for your query.

1. Make budget supplement (CJ37) of the exceeded amount in order to create PR. In alternatively you can deactivate budget availability (CJBW) control to create PR also.

2. Please check your tolerance limit of the budget profile. Based on this, budget functionality will work in project

3. Some time in Cje0 report the value did n'y match. Please run CJEN for updating project info database.

Hope this will help you.