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budget change effect in tax codes

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Dear All,

Due to the budget change recently, the tax code values have also changed. Now we still have some PO's, GR.MIRO pending. My question is after the change takes place / with effect..what necessary changes do i have to make. Here some 50 tax codes are used. Do i have to create once more the new tax codes? I tried changing the % value of bed from 10 to 12. i.e: With the existing one i made a new entriy as 12 % also in fv11 and gave the starting date as todays. Now when i went and made a PO with back date the values for bed(10%) came for the previous date and when i made a PO for todays date the value 12 % came.

But in MIGO amd MIRO the bed calculated is 12% for both the cases. Please note that i have also changed the posting and doc date to previous date for one cycle run and in the other i kept todays date. Yet there was no change.

In FV11 the condition record is based on tax code.

Pl suggest. Am i missing something.

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Consulting skill gets noticed now as Service tax, excise duty raised to 12%  from date 01.04.2012. Those companies used or have system with all tax condition types assigned with Access sequence MWST , they will be forced/bound to create new tax code. In other hand, the companies used or have system with all tax condition types assigned Access sequence JST1, they can easily manage by maintaining validity period with same tax code for tax condition type in FV12 t.code. For example:

From period --------To period------tax code-------------tax %

01.04.2010----------31.03.2012 ------E1------------------10%


Based on validity period, system post tax amount during transactions.


Biju K