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BTE not getting Triggered

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I am trying to execute my whenever any sales invoice is posted. For that I am using P/S BTE 00001050 and copied the function module SAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001050 to ZSAMPLE_INTERFACE_00001050. I have put a break point in the Z FM module and also assigned this FM to Customer Product and activated the product. Still when I am creating a sales invoice my Function Module is not getting triggered.

I have gone through the other links on SCN but the problem still exists. Please help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Event 00001050 is ok, It's called if accounting document is posted by logistic modules, so SD too

It's called in the function module FI_DOCUMENT_POST, at the end of the form FI_DOCUMENT_POST: so you can try to se a break-point here.

Anyway you can try to run the function BF_FUNCTIONS_FIND for event 00001050 in SE37, and check if your function module is returned as result

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Depending on the interface for posting the BTE will be either 00001030, 00001050 or even 00001060.

If you want to debug you have also to activate update task debug in the options.