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BSEG-SGTXT is not Updating in BDC For FB09

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Hi Experts,

I Have a Requirement to Update the FB09 Vendor Line text, When I open any Documnet in the Tcode FB09 and Update the Text for the Vendor Items, Its Updating as Expected, But When Is Used SHDB to record the BDC, There is no Error Message and But the Data for the Text(BSEG-SGTXT) is not saved, Insted if we Click the Documnet changes in the Menu we can see the Changes. But not in the Screen Field and The Table field(BSEG-SGTXT).

I Have found that the Paymnet Block W The Documnet is Behaving in the above way,

Please Suggesta Solution.

I Have Made changes in the Tcode: OB27 and the GGB1 (Substitution) But None of them are related to the Field BSEG-SGTXT



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You wrote 'There is no Error Message', but do you get some I,S,W Message such as 'no change'

You could use a FM such as FI_ITEMS_MASS_CHANGE and compare your BDC with the generated one.

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