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BSEG question

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I have some invoice ( with posting key 01 ) in BSEG in the month of May 07. In Oct 08 we cleared the the invoice ( AR ) with posting key 15. When I run the query for BSEG in Oct 07 for Accounts Type D ( customer ) , I don't get the rows with posting key 01 , I do get the cleared item with posting key 15. My auditor insist that we must have the rows with posting key ( 01 ) in Oct 07 along with the rows (posting key 15 ). BTW our fiscal year ends on Sep 07. Now I know that original invoice (posting key 01 ) in not there in Oct 07 ( the month it was cleared ) , How I can intrepret it. Waht can do or say to auditor for missing rows of original invoice in the month it got cleared. Hope I am able to communicate my problem.Please help me, It has been more then 2 weeks and I am unable to answer this question to auditor.



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Correct me if I am wrong

The invoices (pk 01) were posted on May 07.

They were cleared (pk 15) on Oct 08.

BSEG entry for the invoice will be in May

BSEG entry for the payment will be in Oct

There is no way you can see the first entry in October.

You can also check the BSAD table (Cleared items for Customer).

I think the best way to deal this is by going to BSID and BSAD tables instead of BSEG.

Since the invoice and the payment are now cleared , you can find them both in BSAD.

Go to BSAD and you will find the invoice in May, but look at the clearing date which will be in October and the clearing document. This explains that the original invoice was created in May, cleared in October and you will also see the clearing document number in the same entry.

Assign points if this helps.

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Check your OB41 configuration. 15 posting key will have off set with 05 posting not 01 posting key.