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BP Currency for Unit Price on Sales Quotation, Sales Order and Invoice

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The scenario is as follows:

The system has



BP Currency = EUR

I discovered that if we set the BP Currency to be either EUR or All Currencies when one try to enter the Sales Quotation we can specify the EUR USD exchange rate. The document total fiedls will be in EUR currency as well as at the line level totals.

But is it possibel to configure SAP B1 to display the item unit price in the BP currency which is EUR as well? Currently the line total is in BP but the item unit price is still in LC.

I understand if I have a separate price list in EUR and assign it to the BP then I can have the unit price in EUR. But all items base price is in LC so we require when doing the quotation the system automatically use the exchange specify and display the unit price in the currenty wanted.

Does anyone know it is achievable in SAP?

Thanks very much.



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Hi Jimmy,

First, if you set up BP as all currency, then all transactions will be in LC. You have to set BP currency to EUR.

As for the Price List, you also need to have price list in EUR in order to get the correct BP currency price.

If you do not want to create new price list, an UDF with FMS is need to achieve your goal.