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BP Address fields

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BP may have different addresses. It's possible to use following fields:













But I want to have a different Name (maybe the name of the mother in law) for a different shipping address.

Does anybody know how to handle this? It is not a very special feature to send a package to a different person with a different address, is'nt it?

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Why can't you use AddressName for this purpose?



PS: Vidar (see next post) is of course right... Maybe you just didn't notice that you can add multiple ShipTo addresses (but just 1 BillTo address)?

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If u are using DTW you could use AddressType(0=shipto and 1=billto) and add 2 shipping addresses to the same BP. One for you mother and one for your mother in law..

Vidar Kalsund

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OK, that seems easy. But I was wondering that this field have to use for the Name of the kind of this address set like "Ma's home address" or "Ma's vacation address". I did not mind the potentiality to use this field for a person name.

What about 2 different shipping addresses for the same person but different to the BP? When I use the person name in both cases, how can I refere unique to one of this address by adding an order in example?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Heiko,

I am not sure whether or not I really understand what you mean. Are you talking about a scenario like:

BP.CardCode = "C000000"

BP.ContactEmployees.Name = "Heiko Moye"
BP.ContactEmployees.Adress = "Here"


BP.ContactEmployees.Name = "Heiko Moye"
BP.ContactEmployees.Adress = "There"

iRet = BP.Add()
'iRet will be <> 0


This is not supported: Name must be unique for a particular BP - though internally the table has a field CntctCode as primary key...

Or do you mean that you wnat to "reuse" a contact person in another BP?

In this case you will have to duplicate the contact person / address.



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Hi Frank,

You are right, in example: There is a PB with the Name "Frida Meier" and she would like to send me an item to my home address but by another order she want to send me a gift item to a different work address (without knowing of my wife;-)

So she want to have two addresses with the same name for the person "Heiko Moye". But with different zip/city/street/ data.

A suggestion is to use as name "Heiko's home address" and "Heiko's work address" but the person Name "Heiko Moye" (as it have to place on Invoices and Packing slipes) have to store in another (non unique) field.

Wher can I find a description how to create an extra field for BP addresses and how do I have to configure anything more to place this user defined field on printed invoices etc. but without using the unique names?

Or if anybody have ideas how to handle this scenario as described by Frank?

Thank you for new ideas