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BOM where used list like CS15

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I have a list of finished goods (about 3000). I need to check which components are in the related BOM’s. I need something like CS15 but for a mass data process.

I don’t want to create an ABAP because my ABAP skills aren’t that good.

I’ve looked to Table STKO but I can’t see the header material there I only see the BOM number. If some one could tell me where I can see the link between the header Material and the BOM number – I could use table STOP.


In advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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MAST - TOP BOM (material and bom number)

STPO - components

NOTE: MAST have different types of BOMs, for example in SD same material may have sales bom & revenue bom ...

STLAN field - BOM usage determines BOM type.

STLNR - BOm number, then in STPO you can find components.

I would suhhest you rather use FM like CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2

to explode BOM on any date (some components may not be valid on your date).

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mast contains the matnr and the assignment to the bom-number. The link to stpo goes via stas, key fiels stlkn

example for coding:

select stlnr stlkn idnrk from stpo into

corresponding fields of table it_stpo

where stlty eq 'M' and

idnrk eq p_matnr and

lkenz eq space.

select stlnr stlkn from stas into

corresponding fields of table it_stas

for all entries in it_stpo

where stlty eq 'M' and

stlnr eq it_stpo-stlnr and

stlkn eq it_stpo-stlkn and

lkenz eq space.

select stlnr matnr from mast into

corresponding fields of table it_mast

for all entries in it_stas

where stlnr eq it_stas-stlnr and

werks eq p_werks.

Good luck!


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