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Dear Expert,

We use Bom sales to Promote for Customer. Follow our blueprint, we allocate a quantity of product to customer depend on Sale Promotions. In SAP standard i know that we can set Expire date for BOM sales but how can i set the limit quantity for BOM sales? Example we just want to sell a fixed quantity of products in a period for a Customer Group. If Saleman want to sell more, they have to release to extense by Approver

Is there a workaround for this requirement?

Many thanks,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Kindly consider :

A) create a virtual customer for the promotion, send the required quantities as consignment to the virtual customer (consignment fill-up) then create consignment issue changing the payer, ship-to-party and bill to party to be the actual end customer.

B) instead of controlling the quantity, you can control the accumulated discount for a certain material, material group or customer group.

Best regards

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Suggest you to go for enhancement. use the table with the following fields;-

Sales Org- customer Group-valid from & To - material- Promo qty-UoM- Sales doc no-item no-Issued qtty- Bal qtty

The above table serves for two purposes.

1. Master data table to define the promotion

2. To track the sales of particular promo materials.


0001 - 01 - 01.01.12- 31.12.12-- M1 - 100 EA

whenever order created or invoice created for this order, update this table with the fields as below

Sales doc no- item no-Issued qtty- Bal qtty

Then in coding you can write your logic, if Bal qtty is "NIL', then it has towarning or error message as per your requirement.

Note: Consider sales returns,debit,credits- based on your client requirement.


Reazuddin MD