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BOM Explosion - special procurement type 52 (collective order)

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In BOM explosion, special procurement type -> collective order (52) for the item is considered as phantom assembly. I wish to know the business reason for this. Any help please ??

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Pl check in SPRO -MRP-Master data- Define special procurement type. Whether phantum assembly indicator is set corresponding to Sp.Pr.Type 52.



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Thanks for the reply.

Phantom indicator is not set in the customizing but collective order is set.

Special procurement type is 52 (collective order).

I'm expecting a business case for this scenario.

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hi Janardhan,

phantom assembly is the assembly which is not kept in stock rather it consumes directly.

Use of phantom assemblies are as below

Phantom assemblies are assemblies that have their own product structure, but whose assembly does not actually physically exist. The components of the phantom assembly are incorporated directly in the superordinate product. The product structure of the superordinate product contains a reference to the phantom assembly.


example - A car with music system.

During backflush, only the goods movement for the phantom assembly components are posted. The phantom assembly is marked as backflushed but does not trigger any goods movement.

Experts pl correct me if i'm wrong.



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Hi Anil,

This is the functionality of phantom. Thanks again for the reply.

However the question here is regarding the special procurement collective order. (with phantom flag off in the customizing).

Even this is being considered as phantom during bom explosion, that is phantom indicator will be set for this item as well.

It is a standard as per the coding. I want to know the functional reason for this.