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BOM and Assembly

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i want to know about the difference b/w assembly and BOM's......

what is the use with assembly....

can any one give the information with indetail....

very thanks in advance...

help me in this regard,


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BOM is Bill of material which consist of all spare parts required to repair or maintain the healthy condition of Equipment.

Assembly can also be a part of BOM (Item Category I), generally assembly is material with material type IBAU ie with only basic data and we can not maintain the inventory for that.

But for the costing purpose we can group together the material to form the assembly

for eg there is an electronic device whcih can not be come as unit but you want to track the cost of that, and you cannot make that as equipment then we can go for assembly for that .

the inventory will not be ther for electronic device but the spare parts required to maintain that device is will be he part of that and that assembly is a part of BOM for the main equipment.

In short Assembly can be a part of BOM but not inventory managed and can be used for costing purpose.


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hi Shailendra,

thanks for your valuable time spent on my request.......

i got some idea about it. but i am still in confusion......

so, please can u explain it with one more example or share me any links,material.... if u dont mind.

thanks in before



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hi shialendra,

thank u very much for ur help



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In PM , assembly is a part of your technical system. Assembly is also like a material. BOM is a list of parts which makes your technical system , which includes assemblies also.

Best Regards

Kannan G