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Blocking the usage decision

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How to block the user giving usage descion as accepted if any of the Inspection characteristics were rejected during the Recording result

thanks in advance


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you can also use user exit

QEVA0010-->UD: Usage decision check

with logic that all char should have status "5"

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Hi Sujit

Thanks for the answer

i have little complexity on this... pls see below points

if my RR is failed and so i made another test after some rework on the job, and test again and if the test is pass i need to give usage decision as accepted

wether the user exit you sujested met this purpose

pls give some hint on this point also


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Then in such case you can create the UD selected set code as "AR": Restested and exclure the same from the logic'.

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Can you please elabrate it

what you mean by AR

i will be great full if you can expalin me little more deeply


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I have just given example can name anything.You will have to use this UD code whenever you are doing re-testing ...

Apply the logic in user exit.

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Dear Faisal,

1. It may happen under specific circumstances that you accept the inspection lot despite of rejected characteristic. That can be referred as acceptance of the lot under deviation. Hence there is no link between valuation of characteristic and usage decision.

2. If at all you want to link it, you may have to go for share of scrap UD. The control for the same lies in material master.

3. But taking your additional requirement (changing of lot UD after rework) in to consideration I would suggest to continue with your existing setting.

The scenario you came across is quite often and there could be another way to deal with this situation.

1. You do result recording and reject the characteristics. Post the stock to block stock giving UD as REJ- Rejected.

2. Simultaneously record the defects and assign the task as u201CReworku201D

3. As soon as you finish rework close the task in QM02

4. You can create a UD code letu2019s say (AOD- Accepted on deviation) or" ARW (accepted after rework)

5. Change the UD code again in QA12 from REJ to ARW

6. I am bit doubtful if you use user exit, you use hard coded logic. If at all you are going for exit kindly take precaution that you keep some space for changing UD code.

Just check this feasibility!