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Blocking the Serial Numbers

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While transfering the material to distributer place, materials (5 Qtys.) are lost, these materials (5 qtys.) has been assigned to 5 Serial numbers. In IQ03 the status of these 5 Serial numbers are ECUS. Now the user wants to Block these Sr. nos. in SAP as the material is lost. We can Deactivate these Sr. nos. in SAP. But i think it has no meaning, if we are BLOCKING these serial numbers when the status is ECUS? Plz. let me what we can do?

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If you want to set a deletion indicator in the serial number it is possible.

Go to IQ02 --> Input the Serial number and Material --> Edit --> Specila Serial number Functions --> Manual Transaction --> Select From Stock option --> Remove the customer number, if there. Now check the status, is it AVLB?

Now go to Mat.SerialNo. --> Functions --> Activate<> Deactivate --> Deactivate . If you want to set a deletion indicator, Mat.SerialNo. --> Functions --> Deletion flag --> Set .