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Blocking invoice creation in background when there is a pricing error for multiple documents

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While creating an invoice through VF04/VF06 - we have to do the following checks:

if there is any pricing error in the document, we should restrict the system not to create an invoice for that particular document and should continue for the rest of the documents.Also,that error message should be displayed in batch job log,

Here is an example:

Delivery documents :say 1,2,3

1-Invoice should generate

2-Invoice should not get generate because there is a pricing error

3-Invoice should generate

Kindly suggest.

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Did you already explored with some billing exits ? Ideally, if there is a pricing error, the same can be found at sale order stage itself. If you want to validate before saving the billing document, you can try with RV60AFZC. Also, for batch job, it is recommended to go with VF06 rather VF04

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Thanks for the help !

VF06 eventually calls VF04 only. I need to know how can i restrict invoice creation in background and how can i display error messages in the log?