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block on IM-level when counting on WM-level

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Could you please let me know if there is any Process or transactio to block material on IM-level when counting on WM-level,

or Does it nessasary?

In Material Master, Plant/Storage location stock view, there is a field "physical inventory block". is not possible to it is grayed out for we cannot and we will not use MM02.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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if a storage location is assigned to warehouse and you are doing Physical inventory, system will not allow to do transactions with that material at that storage location. you need follow WM procedure for transactions. There is no control at IM level.

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if I understand you correctly you are saying the following.

Because we are using WM and for that reason we have to cycle count on WM level (e.g. transaction LI01N).

The stock is blocked on WM level (not on IM level).

There is no (manual) way to also block the stock on IM-level.

So, when a cycle count is being executed (stock is blocked on WM-level), there is NO possibility to block also

stock on IM-level (so no goods issues can be done at the same time)???

Please let me know...

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you count at physical bins, IM movements just hit interim storage types. so they do not really effect the stock in the bins.

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When we are counting on WM-level the bin is blocked. In SAP no stock will be issued from that bin.

But on IM-level the stock is not blocked.

When an employee is counting an other employee can do on IM-level a goods issue. On IM-level the stock is

reduced. In WM total stock is reduced, because negative stock is created on a interim storage bin (this has to

be "repaired" manually).

But timing is becoming an issue now.

An example: stock IM WM

in stock: 5 5

count list is created

parts are counted 5 5

goods issue of 1 is done by an other employee 4 4 (5 in blocked bin, -1 in interim bin)

cycle count list is filled in (TC LI11N) 5

Stock in SAP = 5 5

Physical stock in bin 4 4

counting result is 1

We want to block 12NC on IM-level for 2 reasons:

1. negative stock on interim bin has to be "repaired" manually (interim stock has to cleared),

when a goods issue was done on IM level

2. Cycle count differences (results) arise because IM-level was not blocked (not accaptable).

please provide me your valuble inputs.

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this is just an organisation measure.

You have to make sure that all documents are posted before you conduct a physical inventory. SAP cannot control this.

What do you really expect from such a block?

The user cannot perform the goods issue that happened before counting,

so your stock is 5 5 .

but you you still count 4.

so there is no difference with the difference if you block for posting of not.

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Hi jurgan,

thanks for the was verymuch helpful..

you say " The user cannot perform the goods issue that happened before counting".

But that is exactly my issue.

They CAN do a goods issue (IM) when the bin (WM) is blocked.

That's why I want to block IM so NO goods issue can be done.

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this was just meant as example.

if you could set such a block, then the user cannot do a goods issue.

But it just does not matter if your user can post or not, as you count stock that remained after the physical goods issue.

And this is actually creating problems.

Assume you count 4. And when you are done with physical inventory and posted the difference, then user will be allowed to post.

Hence he posts his goods issue for 1 and your stock goes down to 3.

Which in turn means you book inventory is again wrong.

You better urge your users to post everything before you start creating inventory docs.

Physical inventory is not just a SAP job, you have to take organisational measures to make sure that the book inventory is all set before you start in SAP. And you have to make sure that nobody picks or put away anaything while you are conducting the count.

A block in SAP, will not help to secure this.

Your example is already an evidence that your physical movements and your SAP movements are not done close in time.

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Hi Jurgen,

Thanx a lot for valuable inputs,

Please confirm..there is no SAP solution to Block the stock on IM Level?


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