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Block Invoice amount greater than PO amount

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Dear Expert,

Currently, I set a tolerance (incoming invoice--> define vendor-specific tolerance) to allow user to post Invoice greater than Amount received (case is PO service for partial receive). However, we want that it will block user to post invoice more then the total value of PO.

Currently, if I set the tolerance limit, then it's possible to post invoice More than PO value as long as the variance is under its tolerance limit.

Any advice?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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you may try MM>>LIV>>INVOICE BLOCK>> Set tolerance limits. copy the standard and modify for your company code

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Hi Ajit,

thanks for your reply, could you please tell us which transaction key?? i've tried PP, BD, LA but nothing works.

Moreover, I wonder if the price variance occured because of this tolerance could be posted to the particular Expense/Inventory instead of new GL account for price variance.

Currently, it's posted to the GL account I set up on OBYC for transaction DIF..

And when I lookup to the PO history, the invoice amount is the same with amount received, although the real invoice amount is over.

Any suggestion will be very appreciated.



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Maintain the tolerance limits for your Company Code in t.code: OMR6 for the tolerance key DQ - Exceed amount: quantity variance.


Biju K

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