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Block fields in Modify mode in WBS element

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Hi Experts,

I could use your help with a topic.

I needed to lock some fields in the WBS element when in editing mode.

So the idea was that when creating the WBS, the fields company code, division, investment profile, and interest profile would be available for input. However, when editing the WBS (after is already created), these fields should be blocked for editing.

Is this achievable through customizing?

This should be valid both in CJ02 and CJ20N.

I've searched in other forums but could'nt find any answer to this.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mari,

Certain fields would block automatically upon Release of the WBS, for example, the Company Code.

Some other fields you have mentioned must be available for editing for a simple need to correct mistakes.

You should also consider that updates through a mass change function would generally ignore the read-only field status.

If you want certain fields to appear as read-only it can be done through the update of the Field-key that can influence field status groups, but that would be a very dummy sort of protection.

Alternative can be a validation user-exit that stops a fields update for specific fields, while you should keep some back door to perform such updates.