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Bin location set up

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I would like to use the top shelf of each bin location rack as storage (overstock). How should I label each location to differentiate pick location from storage location?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello eharmon

From the perspective of warehouse processes, it really doesn't matter how you label bins, i.e. how you number them. The most typical numbering schema is to identify aisle, stack and level in the bin number, separated by a character like dash or dot. Bin numbers have to be unique on warehouse number level in EWM and on storage type level in WM. In other words WM allows two different bins with the same number in different storage types. However the good practice is to number bins uniquely on warehouse number level in WM, even though it's not technically required.

I guess what you need is to define two separate storage types - one for picking bins, and another for reserve bins / overstock. Then you can implement replenishment process of the picking bins from reserve bins. Also you can drive the picking strategy so that full units (boxes, pallets) are picked directly from reserve bins and individual pieces are picked from picking bins - see SAP Help on picking Strategy M: According to Quantity

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

Thank you Dominik.

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