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Billing plan

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We are searching for a User-Exit which can be used for Periodic billing plan in contracts for transaction va41.

We used userexit V60F0001 but required data is not populating in XFPLT table.

The Requirement is that the Bill value for the line item if less than a certain amount then the system should change the billing date of that line item to the next billing date.


Contract start date - 01/01/2008

Contract End date - 30/12/2008 and the billing cycle is suppose monthly so

the first billing date is on 31/1/2008 and if the bill value for this period is less than X value then the billing date should get changed to the next billing period that is 29/2/2008.

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Please use Search before posting:

Here is another option that might be useful:

The same user exits are used in VA41 and VA01.