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Billing Performance Problem

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I am at a client that is currently experiencing billing performance problems during peak billing periods. I noticed that only one billing background job variant (program SDBILLDL -Transaction VF04 'Maintain Billing Due List') was running with no entries in the sales area fields. Would running several billing background jobs in parallel (split by division) help performance or does SDBILLDL automatically spawn child jobs that run in parallel?

Thanks in advance for your help.

William Davis

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi William,

SDBILLDL does not spawn child jobs.

You can run it in parallel for different sales orgs... assuming your sales orgs do not share number range for invoice numbers....otherwise you may see deadlocks on NRIV (number range) as number range for invoices is not buffered usually to avoid gaps in invoice numbers and to issue sequential numbers.

I would suggest you check first if the issue is with overall runtime of billdue job or the rate of invoice creation (check how many invoices in average are created by billdue job during peak period and during other periods).

One more thing to consider is package size for invoices... billdue program passes several deliveries/order for the same customer, same date,... to invoice post FM... the default package size is 1000 which may cause delays in processing due to really big internal tables in pricing... so you may want to reduce this default package size... there was OSS note on how to do that. NOTE: - too small package size can lead to unwanted invoice split, too big -> to deadlocks and update terminations... so you need ot select best value based on your requirements... of cause if you experience long runtime due to too big package size (1000). just search OSS for "max_documents"

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