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Billing document VF02 (Payment Terms )

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We have an issue, we need to change the Payment Terms field at billing header info after generating a Billing document; but the field is protected.

As I read at the help text, it says:

"Terms of payment key

Regardless of whether or not a key is defaulted from the master record, you can manually enter a key during document entry at:

item level in sales orders

header level in purchase orders and invoices "

Do you kown how you can make de field Payment Terms at billing document changeable?

Thanks for any answer

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Payment term field can be updated at Sales order level, but before subsequent documents are created.

There is a work around, but <u><b>not recommended</b></u>, which is as under:

Taking the help of Abaper, in dubug mode modify the payment terms.


Rajesh Banka

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi all, thanks for the answers.

I was wondering what about the Payment Method at header billing document?

Can we change it ? How can i do that ?


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As mentioned before, it is not possible to change payment term in the billing document, but beyond that in the accounting document when you are clearing the invoice in T.Code: F-28, you will have an option of changing the payment terms, as the display mode of the Condition type SKTO is going to be activated.



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Hi Frente,

You really cant change any field in a Billing document. If you want to change the payment terms, either you have to change in the customer master data, or alternatively in the sales order created before creating an invoice document with reference to that.

After creating an invoice document, you cant change payment terms in the sales order also.

So in this case, you cannot change the payment terms in the invoice document.

Rwd if this helps.