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Billing after PGR

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I tried to create Plant to Plant stock transfer

My doubt is :How to create Invoice .

1.I created Purchase Order

2.From Purchase Order , I created Replenishment Delivery (nl)

3.Perfomed Picking ,PGI

4.Inbound Delivery got triggered and PGR is also completed

Now I want to bill ,How do I do it ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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NL deliveries are usually used for plant-to plant transfer when the plants belong to the same company code. In such case it does not make sense (in my country of residence it is also against the law) to create a billing document, because you should not sell to yourself.

If this is transfer between plants in different company codes - use NLCC delivery type created with reference to NB purchase order. Make sure that the NLCC delivery is relevant for billing. Then, after goods issue your delivery can be seen in VF04 and you can bill it just like any other delivery- with the default billing type IV.

If this is about proforma invoices - you can create these in VF01 by specifying the proforma billing type. You use the delivery as a reference document.

If you use transportation module (LE-TRA) and if you create shipments, it is possible to perform billing via activity profiles - you create variants for RV56ABST and assign these in the activity profile for the shipment type in the desired processing status.

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Thank you so much for explanation !

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