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Bill Of Supply transactions in SAP as per the new GST norms for India

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Hi Community members,

Need your help with understanding about implementing Bill Of Supply transaction in SAP as per the new GST requirements. As per the new norms (Section 31 of CGST Act), under a composition scheme, a seller needs to provide a Bill Of Supply to the customer for the value of goods sold instead of a tax invoice and taxes will not be applicable for this scenario.

One of the requirement of bill of supply is that the Bill of Supply number should be a consecutive serial number, in one or multiple series, containing alphabets or numerals or special characters -hyphen or dash and slash symbolised as “-” and “/”respectively, and any combination thereof, unique for a financial year.

As per the solution for GST number ranges provided by SAP in note 2472623, we cannot have two separate number ranges for a single billing type. This is mandating us to create a new billing document type specific for Bill Of Supplies. So basically we are currently using F2 for Tax invoices and we would need another billing type for Bill Of Supply. We were trying to avoid creation of new billing type since the number of Bill Of Supply transactions will be very less.

My question is, is there a better way to achieve this requirement rather than creating a new Billing type for the Bill Of Supply?

P.S. Sorry about the length of this post!

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