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Bill Of Material with variable raw material consumption in SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud

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Hello Experts, 

We have a scenario to map raw material consumption as below for SFG level production order.

1. Raw material length is 6 meters (which is a bought out item, externally procured item from vendor)

2. Actual usage of this raw material is based on FG product and for example if the consumption is 2 meters for a particular FG then the balance 4 meters after consumption has to be posted stock in different material. (Material A = 1 meter & Material B = 3 meters)

3.  We have a requirement to map the scenario via automatic direct consumption and posting of goods (for both raw material consumption and co-product posting)

Please advise. 

Thank you,

kind regards

Thangaraj Thomas





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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Thangaraj,

Thanks for posting this question in Community.
I think that this is the same as the incident we are talking about.
As discussed, I am curious about the situation if the raw material is then performed another partial consumption (e.g. another 2 meters), what would be the expectation of the other 2 materials ? 

Best regards,