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Bill of material tables

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Hi everybody!

anyone knows about some tables where i can review the relation between a final product and its bill of material?

I will appreciate your help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Other BOM tables for reference

CLST        Link class - BOM
CSORDER_MAT Administration of generated materials per sales
CSPRJ_MAT   Management of generated materials to project
CSUSR_DATA  User-defined data for order browser
DOST        Document to BOM Link
EQST        Equipment to BOM Link
KDST        Sales Order to BOM Link
MAST        Material to BOM Link
PRST        Project - BOM link
PSGR        Master item group
PSVR        Master alternative items
STAS        BOMs - Item Selection
STKO        BOM Header
STPN        BOM Follow-Up Control
STPO        BOM item
STPU        BOM Subitem
STST        Standard BOM Link
STVB        Bills of Material - Serialization of Posting
STZU        Permanent BOM data
T413        Spare Part Indicators
T413T       Spare part indicator description
T414        Explosion Types
T414T       Explosion type description
T415A       Alternative BOM Determination
T415B       Alternative Determination by Unit of Measure
T415M       Material Types Allowed in BOM
T415S       BOM status
T415T       BOM Status Texts
T416        BOM Usage - Item Statuses
T416K       Copying Defaults For Item Status
T416T       BOM Usage Texts
T416V       Copy defaults for BOM usage - item statuses
T417        Material Provision Indicators
T417T       Materials Provided Indicator Texts
T418        Item Categories
T418D       Definition of Variables for T418F
T418F       Variable-Size Item Formulas
T418G       Formula Texts
T418T       Item Category Texts
TC04        Applic-Specific Criteria for Alternative Determi
TC04T       Application Texts
TCS01       Screen Sequence Control for Item Detail Screens
TCS03       Modification Parameters/Defaults for BOMs
TCS05       Transaction-Specific Defaults for BOMs
TCS07       Default Sort Sequence for BOM items
TCS09       BOM Control Depending on Category and Usage
TCS11       BOM Objects
TCS13       Object Status for BOM Layout Variants
TCS15       BOMs with History Requirement
TCS17       BOMs with History Requirement
TCS19       BOM Item Object Types
TCS20       Texts for BOM Item Object Types
TCS21       BOM Item Object Types: internal   > external
TCS22       BOM Item Object Types: external   > internal
TCS31       BOM Field Selection - Usage (T416)
TCS32       BOM to Plant Allocation - Field Selection
TCS33       BOM Field Selection (SAP)
TCS34       BOM Field Selection - Control Data (TCS03)
TCS41       Automatic alternative BOM determination
TCSFG       Field group definition - BOMs
TCSFGF      Allocation of fields to field groups - BOMs
TCSFGT      Field group texts for BOMs
TCSPR       User Profile for BOMs
TCSVL       User defaults list display (variable lists)
TPST        Link Between Functional Location and BOM

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I suggest you use function module CSAP_MAT_BOM_READ if you are going to develop an ABAP program.


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Dear Anali,

Check whether this functional module can help you in getting the BOM data for a product apart fom

the tables - CS_BOM_EXPL_MAT_V2.