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Hello experts,

I've just receive a request from business about if we have the Business functions BF HCM_TMC_CI_1 & ERP_ENTERPRISESEARCHin the HR system.

So I went into my HR system (ECC 6.0 with EHP4) and I can see in transaction SFW5 that the 2 BF are there, they are incative bu they are there.

From the reading I also found out that TREX 7.10 is a requisit, and that's ok we also have it in 7.10 version

And also from what I understand this will work through the portal right ? my SAP Portal is a 7.0 where :

SAP_ESS is in SP12

SAP_MSS is in SP12

KMC is in SP20

BP_ERP* is in SP12

The rest of the core components is in SP20

Question 1, I'm I right when I think that this Talent Managemnet and Talent Develpoment will run through the portal ?

Question 2, if yes, is my portal at the right level or does it need some upgrade or components patched.

Thanks & Regards

Jaime Esteves

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Thanks Chris, I get the picture now.


Jaime Esteves

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Hi Jamie,

Can u provide me some info on these BPS integration with portal, as i m working on same Buss packages.

Thanks & Regards


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HI Jaime,

It's also worth noting that SAP do not provide their own frontend Succession Planning application, rather they use SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa (STVN) SuccessionPlanning. This requires additional licences and may require additional consultancy expenses to find someone with customization experience because by standard not much can be configued in the AdminConsole. If you need more information just ask and I'll provide some links etc.

Best regards,


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Hi Chris,

Your answer almost full fill my needs, with a litle exception of my portal version , that as I told you is a 7.0, is that suficient or do we need the EHP1 on it ?

Thanks & Regards

Jaime Esteves

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For the Portal NetWeaver, 7.0 should be sufficient. Good luck!

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Hi Jaime:

I'm not 100% sure I'm answering your question, but from a portal perspective, you'll need the following three business packages:

1) Business Package for Talent Management Specialist 1.4

2) Manager - Business Package for Manager Self-Service 1.4

3 Employee - Business Package for Employee Self-Service 1.4

You're largely correct that the Talent Management module is portal driven. It's built primarily with Web Dynpro ABAP code, but users will definitely be accessing the functionality through the portal.

There's a good release notes document available on Service Marketplace if you search for the business function HCM_TMC_CI_1

Let me know if you think I'm misunderstanding your question.