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Best practice 1809 "Fully activated appl." -> integration issue for planned orders pp/ds and hana

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Hello community,

we have a SAP CAL Best Practice for S/4 HANA 1809 installation using the "fully activated appliance". So we have a HANA 1809 system with embedded PP/DS. As per my understanding, all setup is done automatically and the packages should work. However, I encounter a MRP issue when planning product FG126 for BP script BJ5 ("Make-to-Stock Production - Discrete Manufacturing"). I hope someone here can help and has the final hint on what is wrong in our installation, i.e. what exactly is missing in configuration.

I execute a planning run for FG126 via MD01N tile, but the planned orders are not transferred back from ERP to PP/DS. I can see the new planned orders in MD04, but the planned orders in PP/DS have no numbers, so the information is not transferred back to PP/DS, thus these planned orders are not linked together. If I do another planning run in MD01N, new pl-ord are created in MD04 and once again of course are not transferred back to PP/DS.

This is the scenario:

start situation is the following for product FG126:

1) MD04:

2) Product view:

Now I start a new planning run in MD01N with following parameters:

However, here I receive only a strange error message and no info when I click the appropriate button:

Product view and MD04 now look like this:

As you see, the planned orders in PP/DS have no numbers. They are not linked to the ones in MD04 - because when I execute a new planning run with MD01N, I have the same situation on product view but it looks like this in MD04:

so obviously PP/DS transfers new planned orders to ERP side. When I now execute the compare transaction /SAPAPO/CCR I see also that they are not linked together:

When I try to send them to R/3 from here I get again the same error "Multi-level error propagation carried out". Via debugging (by setting variable iv_show_immediatly to „X“ manually in /SAPAPO/OM_MESSAGES_LC_STORE) I was able to show the actual error on screen: /SAPAPO/OM082 „the order has no activities“.

No wonder – technical analysis: function module /SAPAPO/RRP_LC_ORDER_CHANGE was called by function /SAPAPO/DM_CP_PROCESS without the internal table of activities and therefore function /SAPAPO/OM_ORDER_CHANGE lateron throws exception (SUBRC) 3 „lc_appl_error“). Hm…

The thing is… the planned order created by the heuristic HAS activities… what exactly does the message mean then? And why is it now shown, instead we receive this multi-level propagating thing.

Anyway… It seems we have an issue to send a planned order from ERP to PP/DS. However, the strange thing is – this works when I do a MD02 in ERP (I know I’m not supposed to on a part which has „extended planning“ flag set), the planned order which was created by the MRP is then transferred to PP/DS – WITH its number! See here:

This planned order with number is created in PP/DS and HAS activities, it looks totally fine. So in general the communcation from ERP to PP/DS is working, it is just the back-and-forth-communication which seems to be broken.

Does anyone have an idea where to look to solve this issue?

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Our PP/DS person reported a similar issue.

We were first directed to 2609363 - PP/DS on S/4 HANA: BAdi methods for order creation / updation in Simplified Publication.

As some of the structures and table types already existed, one option was to apply the parts of the note which were relevant for S4CORE 103. So, after the manual pre-implement part, to sort through the code corrections.

However, we decided instead to install S4CORE 103 SP1, and I think that was what resolved the problem.