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Benifits of Version Management for PO

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Hi All,

Pls suggest some of the business benifits i can achieve after implementing Version Management for Purchase Orders.

Appreciate if the answers are logical and upto the point.

And also what change it will bring after implementing it.

(i dnt expect ans like it helps in maintaing the revision levels of the purchasing doc et al..)

Pls try to stick to the answers from Business Point of View.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (6)

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note 64928 FAQ: Version management

could be of help


Nadia Orlandi

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as you know Po is legal document so track the changes of PO there is version management in sap mm

next version update in Po after printout of PO


1) after sending PO to vendor,you can track ,how change PO,what changes made.what was old changes and how many time it get changes


Kailas Ugale

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Basic usage is to capture the changes made in PO, also No. of times changes are done, also who has done & reason for doing the changes.

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Maintaining version management for PO will help the users to keep a Track of :

1. Changes Made in PO after Final Release

2. Quantity / Value Changes Made to the PO

3. Line Item Addition / Deletion in PO after Release

For more info, please check with the following link :


Hope it helps,

Best regards

Amit Bakshi

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One of the common complaints of any buyer is, that if someone changes PO (gives some remarks or rejects PO) he/she is not able to give reasons for those changes in PO for buyers to look at.

And hence, if you implement version mgmt, you can allow users to enter the reasons for change, provide them space to give some comments.

Another problem used to be, if you have configured that any change in PO should trigger re-printing of PO (or transmission of PO to supplier), than PO flyes through with every little change and everytime. Most of the time buyer may have some changes which they would like to club together before sending change PO to suppliers. Here with version mgmt., you can hold all the changes within a version and send it cummilatively.

These are some of the benifits that were at the top of my mind.



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If you are thinking business point of view, convert the benefits to help in business processes.

Effective control over organizational ordering both value wise and quantity wise.

Effective control over procurement activities by which authenticated creditors payments monitored.

Close monitoring of buyer performance and efficiency.

Monitoring Vendor performance and quality of goods supplies.



Syed Hussain.