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Benefits of WCM

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Hi experts,

WCM is a complex process & using it is not an easy task for any company. I know few benefits of using WCM like,


  1. component with which the safety measures during maintenance work at technical objects can be controlled and monitored
  2. The WCM process is fully integrated with the work order process
  3. All permit in WCM objects must be issued before execution of actual maintenance
  4. A protection that ensures that a technical object that is managed as an item in an Operational WCD can only be orderly tagged or untagged from certain Operational WCDs

What other benefit it provides so that one can convince to the client.


Hitesh Mistry  

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with correctly mentioned benefits by you, WCM also have Workflow functionality which can be used to for the approval process like depends on type of permit you can trigger mail for proper approver. Some time work in one plant might need approval from near by area head that can be handled here with approval. So at the end it depends on your clients inclination towards Safety procedure and mostly depends on type of Industry they are. As its very useful for Chemicals or Oil and Gas kind of industries but in Mining they might not use full WCM functionality.

All the best.