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BEAS web terminal posts to ??? tables - help

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Hello community,

One of my current requests is to provide stock information in a custom production system from SAP, which is updated via the BEAS web terminal. Specifically the t20_wostop application, and looking to get a sum of parts for the operation at $productionCell regardless of workorder

I have been having trouble finding any sort of advanced admin level documentation, with this being the closest I could find WO Stop ( but makes no mention of which tables it actually writes to.

While searching through the backend tables, the closest I could discern were 'BEAS_FTPOS', 'BEAS_ARBZEIT' tables, along with some cockpit queries listed here Cockpit Beas Queries (

If anyone could provide more information that would be super helpful, the only resource I've ever been able to find that's truly useful for working with SAP backend is this but it doesn't cover any BEAS tables as far as I know


This is my first time posting, apologies if I picked the wrong tag

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Personally I use OIM for accounts that represent "incomplete transactions" or require "a double check" from the business perspective.

The classic examples are bank reconciliation accounts, GRIR accounts, Deferral Tax Accounts; and of course AP and AR accounts itselfs.

Other criteria you should take into account is Foreign Currency Valuation.

Each time you create an OIM accounts you need to create also a Balance Sheet Correction account to post the Unrealized Exchange rate differences.

So I suggest to maintain the simplest chart of account posible, and use the OIM account minimal.

Take into account the case of WIP I do not see a user analyzing line item by line item the WIP account, because is calculated and then posted "automatically" by the system (not a manual activity at all).

Also I do not see the Foreign Currency Valuation analyzing the difference line ítem by line ítem in the WIP account; so the balance itself should be enough.

I think WIP balance sheet account is not open ítem management,