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BC set

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What is BC set? I read hareesha's thread.

But, Can somebody explain more about this?



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Answers (4)

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I'm sorry for interrupting you, Gonzalez. I have same question, and thanks for your help, everyone.

I understand it is similar to e-CATT or LSMW.

Therefore it allows us to see Dynpros (like batch-input mode "A") , I think.

If somebody know how to see, please let me know.

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Without going too deep, BC sets are recordings of customizing settings. This alows you re-use templates (stored as xls and txt files using eCATTS) to carry out IMG activities.

It's similar to how LSMW records front end transactions that allow you re-use templates to upload data.

It is used extensively nowadays in SAP Best Practice Solutions.

Hope this helps

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Hi Nureya

Please refer this link, you will get all the required information.



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Hello Nureya,

Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets) are the collection of Customizing settings. This is mostly used in Global rollout project where the same kind of customization is required but with different data.

In standard SAP system, BC Sets are available for some settings also you can create your own BC sets. When you create BC sets at that time system will copy the original customization table settings in BC sets table which you can use later.

The loading of BC Sets is logged by the system, i.e. which BC Set was copied when into the system, and any errors which occurred. This information is significant for Continuous Change and Upgrade.

The settings in the BC Set can be compared with the system data using the Customizing Cross-System Viewer, to check the consistency of the data.

Advantages of using BC Sets:

· Efficient group rollout.

· Industry sector systems are easier to create and maintain.

· Customizing can be performed at a business level.

· Change Management is quicker and safer.

· Upgrade is simpler.

Hope this helps.


Arif Mansuri