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Batch Valuation for material

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Hi Guru's,

I have below requirement -

Same Material is sold to customer in different prices.

As the material is having standard price valuation difference invoice price will be posted to price difference account.

The Value accumulated will be transferred to material at period end closing, so that we get the right cost to the sales order


Sales Order 1 for Material A = $100 in Batch 1

Sales Order 2 for Material B = $200 in Batch 02

Actual Std. price of the material is $90

So for Material A Difference is    $   10

And for Material B difference is $ 110

So $120 initially settles to Price Difference Account and then to the material at Month End Closing.

The whole materials purchased or available, it can go to inventory or it will go to cost of goods sold.


Wanted to allocate

$10 to Material A       Batch 01

& $110 to Material B  Batch 02

How I can map above requirement. Please help.


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Hi Sachin

if you want to post to the individual batch we need to think about the split valuation of the material