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batch; urgent

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Hi All

I have a question regarding batch, regarding calculating

minimum remaining shelf life and using it as a selection criteria


1. My scenario is such that i cannot maintain, total shelf life,

minimum shelf life etc in material master record (plant data/stor)

2. batch header (msc1n) are created manually , ie while doing GR by

rf and populating char values which were previuosly captured in ztables.

2. Get expiration date from vendors or from production ( we use

legacy system and no pp) and create batch header record and enter the

expiration date for the batch

3. earlier we used ztbles for batch values and are proposing to use class 23 with char values

4. in selection class for batch determination, is there any way of

getting minimum remaining shelf life and use it for selecting batches


if i use any char in batch class for all the batches, say for

example i have three batches each with remaining shelf life say 50 days, 65

days and 80 days, ( based on my expiry day that i get from batch

header and todays date) which i popuate when creating the batch, if i use that char value in batch determination to pick based on the char values rem shelf life > 45 days, thensearch would give me all three batches, if i do batch search say 27 days from now, again it would give all three batches instead of giving me only thethird batch,

Any suggestions how i can approach this problem and sort batches

based on minimum remaining shelf life

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Answers (2)

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select the batches based on shelf life greater than and then sort then in the ascending order of mimnimum remaining shelf life and pick the first record.

hope this helps

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If i sort based on sled, then i would get FEFO, whiich i dont want. based on sequential batch numbers , system would pick batches based on FIFO( am i correct, based on batch numbers the system by default picks FIFO). can u pls tell me about standard char(lobm_rlz) If i can include standard char lobm_rlz in batch char and while creating batches if i enter values for three batches say 50, 67, 81 etc in the batch header record, when i do search, in seln class i can include the class and in the valuees i can put lobm_rlz> 45 and the system would pick all the batches, but again <u>if i do a search 6 days from now</u> the system would still pick batch with lobm_rlz value of 50, since its a char value.... SO does the standard char value decrease each day by default or it remains constant in the batch header record, if it is non changing value how can i select batches ....

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I dont think it is possible...

the minimum remaining shelf life shall be calculated everytime. based on your requirement from the current date and the SLED from the batch header..

shall be handled in code ...

i dont see any other way out..