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batch number

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good morning experts

I want to ask how they use the batch number,

please give me step by step I do not understand how to begin to make a batch number,

if anyone ever made a batch number please give me enlightenment


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You could try and error in Test environment. Online help should be good enough to figure every thing out.



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1) Set up you Item Master Data. On the General Tab, choose Manage Item by: Batches.

2) When you buy or sell, in the Quantity field, press Ctrl+Tab to bring up the batches.

A/R Documents

3) With A/R documents, click on the Batch you want to use on the right hand side.

4) In the Selected Qty field, type the quantity you want to use and click on the "> button" to move it to the right hand side of the screen.

5) Click Update and then OK.

6) Add your document.

A/P Documents

3) With A/P Documents Add the Batch Number and Qty.

4) Click Update and OK.

5) Add your document.

Kind regards


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Hi ALL Expert,

Carin Botha thank you for helping me,

I have made a batch and within SO I want to show that the user knows that there is a batch of goods or not I want to make it to automatic from the UDV, as all items are not all made this batch of my query and do not work, there who can help me create a query for thisQuery me this:

Select case when $[RDR1.U_Batch] '0.0' then 'Y' else 'N' end from RDR1 t0 where T0.[ManBtchNum]= $[$4.0.0]

Thank You