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batch management with transactions

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Dear Gurus,

My user has a material which has last transaction in May-2014 and wants to activate the batch management.

I know the total stock and total value have to be removed by any means before activating the BM.

My question is: Whether my work-around will have any bad consequence that you can think of?

My work-around:

As said, last trx is in May-2014. After that all stock/value are cleared.

1. mmpv, change period to July-2014 (with some trick on escaping date check)

2. activate the batch management

3. mmrv - check "allow post to previous period (June-2014)

So that user can continue to post in June (no need to wait a full month)

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Answers (2)

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As informed by Dev, it is strongly advised not to play with the MM Posting Periods. The best way to activate batch management for a material is to clear the stock and open/pending documents (Orders, Reservations etc.) and then change the material code via tcode MM02 by ticking the batch management checkbox in Purchasing view.

Still if there is some apprehension or difficulty following this process, then another comfortable option is to create a new material exactly as the old material, tick the batch management check box in the new material, transfer the stock of the old material to the new material (If any stock exists), and set the deletion flag for the old material via tcode MM06.

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Hi Rahul,

Thank you for your message.

The concern is, if take the normal approach, that material cannot be processed in June and have to wait till beginning of July.

The problem is the Material Creation is all centralized in US System. All material are transported via iDoc to Asia Pacific System. So user in AP has no any rights to create a new and temporary material in this case.

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No.. You should not open the month July in advance.. It will harm your organization badly.

As now you can post any document in month May. But if you open period July, then you will never able to enter any document for month May.

And if a period is closed from MMPV, the its very difficult to re-open old period. You may have to contact SAP to re-open period.

So drop the idea to open the period July in advance..

Do you have stock for your material ?

Go to MM02, Tick the batch management for material, you will get the all details in Display Error.

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Hi Dev,

Thank you for your message. Here are my reply:

1. May has to be closed anyway.

2. If a period is closed by MMPV, there is also a way to "edit" the period from img

(path: logistics-general > material master > basic settings > maintain company codes for materials management) ... well of course this is also another "risky activity"

3. Yes, that material has only 1 GR in April. User realized it in May so the Rev-GR has to be done in May first to clear the stock and value.

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See, I have given you the caution for opening the period in advance..

The Posting Period is head of MM module. And you want to play with this.

I will never give the suggestion.. If you can't able to do anything for the material in period June, then you have to wait till 30th June.

If you really want to open July period, then My suggestion is please consult your your organization manager and your other MM/SD/PP consultants.

If they will approve it, then you can do your process. But never do it without written permission.

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Hi Dev,

Thank you for your advice. haha I do not want to play this the posting period.

Just user said it is required to have posting in June...and I have to think some "solutions" to them...

Btw would you please explain a little bit on:

1. why posting period is head of MM module?

2. as i checked material document table, no period is stored, only posting date is stored.

3. if the period is that highly sensitive, then why MMRV allows "posting to previous period"? when should we use that?

Thank you very much.

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1. Yes. Its the most sensitive work for a MM consultant. The main caution is that, if you open a posting period, its not a easy job to re-open the previous period (You may have to contact SAP for that).

2. Right. the period is not stored anywhere in table. Only posting date is stored in various table.

3. See, SAP allows only 2 months for posting a Material document number.

Normally When you open a period from MMPV, then the current period will open.

Now if you missed some to post a document in previous month, then SAP has given the option, that you can only post on previous month.

Now as per your requirement.

If you open the period July, then you can only post any document in July and previous month as June.

You will never can't able to post any document in month May.

As it is not 6th June, in meantime, if your organization want to post a document in May, then what can you do?

You can do nothing because you can reopen the month May. Forcefully you have top post the document in June month.

To avoid this, I have said take a proper document to open posting period in advance. It will be much better for you.