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Batch management - release of production orders

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I want to add batch management on existing raw material numbers.

I am having the challenge that after having cleared the stock with transaction 551 in MB1A and then activated batch management and then again put the material back in stock with transaction 552 then I am unable to release a new production order that uses the specific material.

If I put the material in stock through a new purchase order where I register the material in SAP by MB01 - transaction 101 then everything works. But when the material in stock comes from the transaction 552 then it does not work.

Can somebody tell me what causes this? I guess it has something to do with dates because when I put material on stock via 552 then SAP does not ask for a manufacturing date etc.



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It seems that the batch classification is not active for the movement type

Please check the configuration 'Activate Batch Classification for Goods Movements' (OMCV) where you can activate batch classification for the movement type.

Alternatively you can update the batches using MSC2N ( in Mass using LSMW).