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Batch Determination

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Dear Friends,

I am using batch determination procedure for the automatic selection of component batches in the confirmation. Initially, system was working fine because there were few batches for the component. But now, number of batches are more in the system, so it takes lot of time for searching and selecting the btaches. Here, I used batch search strategy for the combination of mvt. type 261.

In the log of batch determination I found that system reads all the batches i.e. including batches with zero stock.

How can i minimise the batch searching time, so that confirmation will occur immediately.

Waiting for Reply!



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Answers (3)

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I would not recommend the change in coding for strategy type. I recommend to delete the batch stock (MCHB) table via archiving (SARA with MM_SPSTOCK and flag check batch stock is zero).

Please also check the OSS # 62272.

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Option 1

1. For this case you have to first create a Custom Qty proposal in th strategy Type.

2. In this custom qty proposal you can inform the system to exclude all the Zero stock lines.

3. You need to write a Routine here.

Optoin 2

1. ARchive the zero stock batches from teh system.



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You can use batch determaination with storage location