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batch determination in IM vs WM

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    Is there a best practice of using batch determination in IM vs using that in WM. I am asking about batch determination in a production order/delivery where the WM TO just inherits the batch which is already determined and then stages it. Is there any downside to to having the WM just stage the batch and not do the actual determination and let IM handle it ? Or is it better to do it at the WM level ?


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The SAP documentation explains already that the WM batch determination is very basic.

I would not speak about any best practice, as the batch determination is pretty much to your companies (and its customers) needs.

You have to look at your requirements, they might be much different between an internal use of a material or when you sell a material.

Just an example, we have a material with a specification of a color Gardner 6 - 8.

In the batch we capture the correct color.

And when customer X calls for color 6 - 7, then we have to make sure not to pick a batch with color 8.

WM batch determination is not able to do this easily, so this is done in the delivery.

Other materials which only need to be issued FIFO could easily be done in WM. But you should not do it in SD and in WM, just one of both.

IM vs WM is usually already decided in the setup of the posting sequence.

You know that the postings like goods issue are done in IM first, they create a TR which will be converted into a TO.... If you do the IM first, then you have to enter the batch number, no way to wait for WM. This would only be possible if you do WM first and subsequently IM.