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Batch derivation with fields in receiver search strategy Rule.

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Dear All,

In receiver search strategy rule i wanted to give a character, but when i do so i get the below error message.

Instead of the characteristic , use the field

Message no. VBDRV011


The characteristic you entered is assigned to an object characteristic and batch field .

System Response

Object characteristics cannot be changed.

You must make changes to the corresponding batch field. These are then copied automatically to the classification.


Instead of using the characteristic , use the field

Now this because in the character additinal data (TCode CT04) Value is coming from Table Name: MCHA and Field Name: CHARG.

Hence I decided to use the field CHARG in receiver search strategy rule. But when I did so i got the following error message

This field does not exist or is not allowed for derivation

Message no. VBDRV009

Please suggest as to how do i bring the filed in?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Vinod,

Batch derivation is used to transport characteristic value from one batch (Sender batch) to another Batch of Header material (Receiving Batch) during Production / Process Order Execution.

Now field which you have assign CHARG is non another but it is field of batch No.itself and it is not possible to change Batch No. of Receiving Batch because it is already assign and can not be change.

You can use only those characteristic or fields which represent the characteristic of Batch for example Shelf life expiry, manufacturing Date etc.



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