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Batch deletion flag in MFBF

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Hello all

there have one issue's need your heep.

i used MFBF to backflush and there need to enter batch. but when i enter F4 in Batch field for search correct batch no, system was show all batch for this material include old batch(deletion flag). and also allow posting for batch with deletion flag without any message.

whether R/3 has standard function for control not allow to show old batch(deletion flag).

and when enter already deleted batch, can MFBF show message from standard function?

Thanks all

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Could anybody give me a hand for the above issue? till now, i have no idea about it : (

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Dear Quanyin su,

Batch master record will show in the F4 drop down for the materials even if batch is set for Deletion flag.

During MFBF if u want to avoid selection of this deleted batch, write an user exit or archive the deleted batch master record.



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