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Batch classification in Fiori app 'Change Inbound Deliveries - Deliveries'

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It is not possible to classify a batch when receiving a batch-managed and EWM-relevant material in the app 'Change Inbound Deliveries - Deliveries'. The batch has to be classified in an additional step in the app 'Manage Batches'. This is an unwanted situation since this means additional handling for the user and the high risk of forgetting to classify the batch, resulting in stock issues afterward. 

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Dear SAP Community, 

By the APP Change Inbound Deliveries, it's possible to enter batches and also create new batches.

According to batch level, batch class type is determined, for material batch level, the class type is 023. One batch class per material (note 115581).
Batch classification can be maintained in batch master transactions, and in several applications (goods movements, orders, process messages).

For further information please check the documentation below:

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3284436 - How to change a batch class of a material?

API for Batch Master Record

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Best regards,

SAP Support.