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Batch 1111111112 SFFP SFSP 0000000743 does not exist

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Dear sir/Madam.,

While doing Transfer Posting Other using Tcode MIGO ....

I am facing below error and can guide me how to solve this error....

Note : I have batch for My material (11111111112) is 000000000743 but its doesn't exist

not only transfer posting ...MB1C,MB21.....etc also...

Please suggest me for this error

Batch 1111111112 SFFP SFSP 0000000743 does not exist

Message No. M7042


For material 1111111112, you have entered a batch that does not exist in plant SFFP, storage location SFSP.


If this error has occurred during the entry of a reservation, you can do the following:

  • Enter the reservation without specifying the batch. The reservation can be posted on a non-batch-specific basis. The batch is not determined until the goods movement is posted.
  • If you wish to reserve a certain batch, you can call up the stock overview to display a list of existing batches.

If this error occurred on entry of a physical inventory document, you can do the following:
Do not enter a batch. The system will automatically determine all batches that can be included in the physical inventory document.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check this note : Note 173208 - Error message M7042 'Batch & does not exist'

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