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Basic steps in creating an authorization group/role?

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What are the basic steps followed in creating an authorization group and role?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Go to PFCG

Enter role name say ZSALES ORDER PROCESSING and click on single role

Enter discription and save

Then click on MENU tab,then click on transaction and maintain t-codes like VA01,VA02,VA03 and click on assign transactions and save

Then click on AUTHORIZATION tab and click to Change autorization data,then it will ask for orgz. level maintain or click on FULL Authorization

Then you can able to see modules from where the the transaction code belongs(SD)

Expand it to lower level node and maintain autorization for Perticular sales document, sales area

Then save and click on GENEREATE ICON (Shift+F5)

Now go to tab USER and assign users

Click on user comparision >> Complete comparision

Now when the assigned user log in syatem system will display this role for user and he/she may authorization for perticular sales document and sales area depending uppon your authorization provided in this role.

You can see existing roles and copy from existing one


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