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Basic Start and Finish dates in Work order adjust with priorities from low to high ?

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Hi All,

Good day !

My question is this, we configured our priorities with days example P1 is for 1 day, P2 is for 3 days, P3 is for 10 days and P4 for 30 days with high to low priorities. now problem is this while i create the order and add priorities P3 then in next screen the Basic Start (12/09/2019) and Finish (21/09/2019) dates and suppose i changed the priorities from P3 to P2 and P2 is for 3 days and dates should be Basic Start (12/09/2019) and Finish (14/09/2019), but that is not going to update.

what is the reason and how can correct this please guide me and attach some screen shot?

User-exit IWO10012 (Priority handling on central header) can be used to manipulate the start/end dates and times for Work order IW31 and IW32 with this we can do it but if we triggered this user exit then IW21 and IW36 functionality will work or not, where right now in IW21 i can changed the dates with respect to the priorities.

so please advise if i activate this Exit then there is any impact on IW21.



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User exit will work on it.

User-exit IWO10012 (Priority handling on central header)