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Baseline date for customer in FBL3N

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Hi SAP Experts,

I have a requirement to add baseline date for customers in FBL3N. I know FBL3N is GL line item report and in FBL5N I can see the base line date. But The requirement is to run the report FBL3N for customer GL accounts. In FBL3N Base Line can be added in change layout but it does not give any result. I was able to add offset account which shows the customer numbers by BTE. Can somebody help and guide how I can display base line date in FBL3N?

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In the FBL3N the index tables get selected, so the BSIS and BSAS tables get read to determine the data which should be displayed.

As within the FBL3N only the BSIS/BSAS table are read in the normal call, the ZFBDT can not be filled or determined, and so the value of this field can not be taken into account while determine the net
due date.

In the FAGLL03 the logic is different because of the NewG/L. In this transaction the BSEG table will also be read under special conditions, and so the field ZFBDT will be filled and can be used for
the determination.

So if your system is on higher release then check out FAGLL03 which may be helpful. In FBL3N it is not possible.

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