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Base Line date Problem in MIRO

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Dear All,

We have the following problem in MIRO for base line date:

In MIRO, the base line date is coming wrongly


Invoice date = 19.09.2007

Posting date = 19.09.2007

Base line date configured for Payment terms = Document date

But in miro, instead of 19.09.2007, 11.07.2007 date is coming.

Even if we change 11.07.2007 to 19.09.2007, it is giving message that netdue date is past and then automatically base line date is changed to 11.07.2007.

There are no validations & substitutions configured regarding this.

Please through some light on this.



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Answers (2)

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At the time of making PO what are payment terms offered by them. Vendor master having one kind of payment terms whereas PO has one king of payment terms.

And see the configuration for payemnt terms in OBB8.

Hope this is clear, if yes assign points



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In OBB8, base line date is document date.

In MIRO, document date is not coming as base line date.

My problem is "even though base line date in OBB8 is document date, the same is not coming in MIRO. it is showing other date"

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please check OBB8 default for baseline date .